Start: Saturday June 15, 2024 at 16:00 in Oban/Schotland
End: Saturday June 22, 2024 at 10:00 in Oban/Schotland

€ 1.375,- p.p.
Price is based on the division of 2 persons into a double cabin.


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The travel sum is inclusive:

  • 7 overnight stays on board in a double cabin with private shower;
  • all meals during the trip (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • Non-alcoholic drinks with meals (coffee, tea, milk and water);
  • Guidance of Scotland/hiking expert Gerard Spaans

Not included:

  • all other non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks (beer, wine and whisky);
  • Extra excursions ashore. 

The sailing voyage begins and ends in Scotland. You are responsible for arranging your own transfer to Scotland. This is NOT included in the price. For your journey to and from the ship, please visit the Rome2Rio website:


A walking journey in Scotland

What could be better than visiting Scotland by ship and by foot? On board Tallship Thalassa you will experience the best of the Scottish coast.
Our experienced walking guide Gerard Spaans knows Scotland like the back of his hand and will provide you with all the best walking routes during the trip and guide you if desired.
Sailing and walking go hand in hand in Scotland.

We start and end this trip at one of Scotland's most beautiful harbour towns: Oban. From the water we see the rugged coastlines of the various Scottish islands and peninsulas. Depending on the wind and tide we see for example  Mull, Ardnamurchan, Skye and Rum.

Scottish nature at its best
The nature of the Hebrides is unrivalled. Millions of years have marked the landscape in such things as lava formations, rugged vegetation and buildings that slope with the land. Wind permitting we raise the sails and sway to the Scottish rhythm. If you want, you may help the crew with the sails. We are regularly accompanied by dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, gannets and sometimes even whales following the vessel!

Walking and sightseeing
Once ashore, you can of course walk or visit local hotspots. Sightseeing by taxi is also possible: local taxi drivers show visitors all sorts of sights with typical Scottish hospitality. More than once our guests will keep memorable moments (alongside the ship) by the taxi.

Our on-board walking guide will be pleased to help you find your way. Gerard Spaans is well-versed in Scotland's history and provides expert advice on where to go for local walks or visits to castles and other historical sites.

Time on board
The evenings on board are spent sharing the day's adventures and making plans for the next day, meanwhile enjoying a delicious drink from our well-stocked (whisky) bar.
At the end of the week we disembark in Oban. With the experiences gained on board Thalassa it may be possible to reminisce there a little longer. Oban is perfect for a few extra days' holiday, to stroll along the promenade, enjoy a tasting at the local Oban distillery or visit one of the museums.
NB for all parts of this programme: wind and weather permitting.


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