Thalassa is often present at prestigious international nautical events.
Kieler Woche, Hafengeburtstag Hamburg and Hanse Sail Rostock (Germany) take place every year. Thalassa has made her appearance here for over 15 years. In Rouen and Brest (France,) the largest Sails in the world are being organized every four years, with more than 2 million visitors. Thalassa is a highly appreciated vessel at these events. And last but not least, Thalassa is always present at Sail Amsterdam and Delfsail, in the Netherlands, her homecountry.
If possible Thalassa tries to participate at one or more legs of the Tall ships races, organized by Sail Training International, an organization that promotes sailing for youngsters.
 In 2024  Thalassa will be present at:  Feis Ile (Islay Festival),  Brest Nautiques and Southampton Boat show