Start: Scrabster, Scotland, 16.00 h, Wednesday August 28th, 2024
End: Oban, Scotland, 10.00 h, Saturday September 7th, 2024

Price: € 1,600 p.p.
Price is based on the division of 2 persons into a double cabin.

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The travel sum is inclusive...

  • 10 overnight stays on board in a double cabin with private shower;
  • all meals during the trip (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • Non-alcoholic drinks with meals (coffee, tea, milk and water);
  • 1 whiskytasting on board,  this journey will be accompanied by a whisky expert 

Not included...

  • all other non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks (beer, wine and whisky);
  • entry tickets for visits to the various distilleries;
  • Extra excursions ashore. The costs for the different excursions are estimated at approx. € 100, - per person in total. (Subject to change, program is due to changes determined by the whisky expert and the guests. Participation is not mandatory).

The sailing voyage begins and ends in Scotland. You are responsible for arranging your own travel to Scotland. This is NOT included in the price.For your journey to and from the ship, please visit the Rome2Rio website:

Outline of travel itinerary


On Wednesday 28 August 2024, you will board Thalassa at Scrabster, Thurso, at 4pm.
As the northernmost port on the Scottish mainland, Scrabster is of great importance for Scottish fisheries. The place is renowned as a ferry port to the Orkney Islands. In Thurso, guests can visit Wolfburn distillery on their own before boarding. For more info:

On Thursday, sails will be set for the Orkneys.
The Orkney Islands or Orkneys are a group of around 200 small islands, the natural habitat of whales and orcas, among others. The Orkney Islands have been inhabited for more than 5,000 years and this can be seen in impressive excavations and many Standing Stones you will encounter in the landscape. Another attraction is 'the old man of Hoy', a huge rock that rises perpendicularly from the sea.
The ship docks at Scapa Bay of with the possibility of visiting Scapa distillery and/or Highland park distillery. A short walk will take guests to Kirkwall in the evening, well worth a visit.

Stromness, Orkney
Stromness will also be explored for a day. Stromness a village on Mainland, docked by a natural harbour on the south-west side of the island. Originally Stromness carried the name Hamnavoe, meaning as much as "safe haven". It was often a last port of call for Vikings, traders and sailors before crossing the Atlantic. Stromness is a great place for outdoor activities such as diving and cycling. For lovers of art and culture, there is the Pier Arts Centre as well as prehistoric sites such as the Ring of Brodgar and the Standing Stones of Stenness.

Hereafter follows a (brisk) sailing trip to the next destinations: Stornoway and Lewis.
On Stornoway, you will find many exceptional shops, nice pubs and also a castle with a beautiful estate. From the ship, you can watch the many seals swimming in the harbour here. On Lewis, you can admire the Calanian Standing stones, a 5,000-year-old cross-shaped set of stones that has been an important site for ancient mystical rituals for at least 2,000 years.

For whisky connoisseurs, a visit to Abhainn Dearg Distillery is highly recommended, the producer of the first single malt whisky from a distillery in the Outer Hebrides since 1829. Abhainn Dearg's current distillery was built in 2008 and is Scotland's smallest distillery with only 20,000 litres of alcohol per year. By comparison, Macallan and Glenlivet produce 15 and 21 million litres of alcohol a year respectively. For more information:

On Monday, we visit Tarbert, Harris.
Harris is a fantastic island known for its excellent whiskies. Distillery Harris also called "The Social Distillery" distils wonderful spirits in the heart of the Outer Hebrides. They are the additionally the makers of Isle Of Harris Gin and 'The Hearach' Single Malt Whisky. This distillery was established in 2014 and launched in 2015. With a capacity of 230,000 litres of alcohol, it is considerably larger of Abhainn dearh, but of course still considerably smaller of Scotland's big brands. The distillery is run by Simon Erlanger, who earned his spurs at Glenmorangy. This provides plenty of knowledge and experience.

The next destination is Loch Harport, Skye
Loch Harport (and more specifically Carbost) is a draw in the summer months due to the presence of the Talisker Distillery, which, along with the local pub The Old Inn, is also one of the main employers in the village. Talisker is a world-renowned distillery belonging to the Diageo group. Talisker was the first malt whisky produced on the Isle of Skye, of which it has been a household name since 1830. The unique lyne arm of the stills and the decided use of peat give Talisker its special character. A short 3.5km walk allows you to reminisce on the beach at Talisker Bay.

The next day, Armadale, Skye will be added to our trip.
On Thursday, you can visit the Torabhaig distillery. In the evening, you may wish to visit Mallaig. Mallaig docks at the end of the famous West Highland Railway and the romantic 'Road to the Isles'. It is a bustling fishing town of which loads of fresh fish arrive every day in the colourful harbour.

That same day, we set sail for Tobermory.
On Friday, we spend the day in Tobermory , a picturesque and colourful fishing village with a famous distillery, nice pubs and shops. Tobermory is home to the distillery of the same name of which both Tobermory whisky and the heavily-turfed Ledaig whisky are made.

The next destination is Oban, also the final destination of this trip. Oban is a cosy fishing town with its own distillery. The town docks at the foot of the impressive Lorn mountains. With its winding streets and picturesque bay full of fishing boats, yachts and ferries, Oban is the jewel of the West Highlands. Oban is home to McCaig's Tower, a folly in the shape of a Roman amphitheatre that was sadly never fully completed. For a final whisky dram, visit the famous Oban distillery, located in the middle of Oban. For more info:

On Saturday 7 September, the captain and his crew say farewell to guests leaving the ship no later than 10am.
To plan your trip to Scotland and back, we recommend you check the following website :

Please note: all travel destinations in this outline of travel itinerary are wind and weather dependable and may vary.

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