Start: Oban, Scotland, 16.00 h, Saturday August 19th, 2023
End: Oban, Scotland, 10.00 h, Saturday August 26th, 2023

Price: € 1,275 p.p.
Price is based on the division of 2 persons into a double cabin.

Your whisky guide during this tour is the wellknown expert Wim Wamelink:


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The travel sum is inclusive...

  • 7 overnight stays on board in a double cabin with private shower;
  • all meals during the trip (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • Non-alcoholic drinks with meals (coffee, tea, milk and water);
  • 1 whiskytasting on board, accompanied by whiskey expert Wim Wamelink

Not included...

  • all other non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks (beer, wine and whisky);
  • entry tickets for visits to the various distilleries;
  • Extra excursions ashore. The costs for the different excursions are estimated at approx. € 100, - per person in total. (Subject to change, program is due to changes determined by the whisky expert and the guests. Participation is not mandatory).

The sailing voyage begins and ends in Scotland. You are responsible for arranging your own travel to Scotland. This is NOT included in the price


Saturday 19 August 2023

The guests arrive on board in Oban and after the distribution of the cabins and the welcome from the captain, the ship sets sail for Tobermory. 

Tobermory (Tobar Mhoire - Source of Mary), the capital of Mull, is one of Scotland's most beautiful harbours thanks to its colourful houses and a sheltered bay where according to a legend, one of the ships of the Spanish Armada sank in 1588 (with a lot of gold on board). 

Sunday 20 August

 The guests visit Tobermory. The town of Tobermory was built in 1788 and extends around its fishing port and the hills beyond. Main Street is home to a mix of shops (with an excellent selection of locally produced arts and crafts), eateries, hotels and guesthouses. 

If possible (weather permitting) Thalassa will depart for Skye after visiting Tobermory. If Skye is not an option, the programme shifts and guests stay an extra day on Islay. 


The guests can visit the distilleries of Tallisker and spend a day on Skye. Tallisker is a world famous distillery belonging to the Diageo group. Talisker is the first malt whisky to be produced on the Isle of Skye, where it has been well known since 1830. The unique arrangement of the stills gives Talisker its special character.


The ship sails to Staffa. Staffa (Scottish Gaelic: Stafa, pronounced s̪t̪afa, its Old Norse name for rod or column island) is an island of the Inner Hebrides in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. The Vikings gave the island this name because its columnar basalt reminded them of their houses, which were built of vertically placed tree trunks. Staffa is definitely a unique destination. After the visit to Staffa, the ship will spend the night on Iona. Iona is situated on the west coast of the Inner Hebrides and has a population of about 175 inhabitants.


The next destination is Bunnahabhain, Islay. Bunnahabhain is a renowned Islay distillery known for producing excellent single malt whisky. Although Islay is the island par excellence for lovers of (heavily) peated whisky, the house style of Bunnahabhain is unpeated. If necessary (if there is no ferry) Thalassa also sails her guests to Port Askaig, a small port in the north of Islay. Askaig Distilleries is also situated here.

Port Ellen

 Port Ellen on Islay is the destination of the day (guests can travel by bus if they wish). -The distillery at Port Ellen was established in 1825 as a malt mill and subsequently developed as a distillery from 1833 to 1892 under the direction of John Ramsay. The warehouses he built are still intact and are now listed buildings.


Thalassa sets sail for Oban. Weather permitting, the ship will sail via Jura (Inner Hebrides, about 200 inhabitants).

Saturday 26 August

In the morning the guests leave the ship in the harbour of Oban, waved off by the captain and his crew.

NB for all parts of this journey applies: wind and weather serving

This journey has taken place already, you cannot book anymore

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